Our Approach

Good thinking leads to good software.

We build applications with scale in mind from the start.
The applications we deliver are designed with a clear and purposeful architecture.
We understand that we cannot account for all of the real world edge cases. So we handle what we know, and prepare for what we don't.
We reject wastefulness as a sign of laziness. Everything we do is made to maximise efficiency, and minimise waste.

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The beauty of software is that with the right approach, thinking and implementation, you'll run out of market share to capture long before you run out of compute resources. Making the right decisions in design and implementation can mean the difference between a new revenue stream and a hidden money pit. We're geared towards making sure you can serve as many customers as your business can manage.

This means that the systems we build are tailored for your specific needs so that we can deliver an unparalleled experience when it comes to software design, implementation, deployment and maintenance. Like a master shipbuilder, or a luminary architect, we’re deeply connected to our work. Once we accept a project, it’s not just your project, it’s ours. We take pride in knowing that the solutions we deliver will have deep, lasting impact, generating value and reducing the traditional headache associated with the software management experience.


It's cliche, but failure to plan, is planning to fail. In our experience, companies are so eager to capture an opportunity that they forget to take a moment to effectively plan and execute techincal development. Too often, business people hear nothing from their technical counterparts until it's either too late, or too costly to change tact.

We reject the notion of "cowboy coding". Our job is to make sure that you're well aware of exactly what is being built and why. Relying on our academic expertise in Computer Science, taking a fundamental approach to building resilient software means build the software in our minds, and on paper, before a single keystroke. You get clear plans, we get clear milestones. Everyone wins.

Flexibility & Fault Tolerance

We're not fortune-tellers or soothsayers. We can't predict the future, and we're sure you can't either. That doesn't mean we can't account for what we know to expect, and build systems that can handle what we can't. Using well researched and documented software patterns, we build software that is flexible, stable and extensible. That is to say, we can build software that can move at the pace of business, ensuring uptime, service provision and guaranteed quality. Sound too good to be true? Try us.

We also understand that things break. Thanks to our telecommunications grade stack, we know that even the most catastrophic system failures are nothing to be afraid of. Think about the last time you couldn't make a phone call, or draw cash from an ATM. The tech that makes those services incredibly resilient is what we put into every project, ensuring you're never down so long that you bleed money. Uptime means your customers are happy, money in the bank, and reputation being maintained. That's why we use technology that can guarantee nine nines.


When was the last time your technical department came in under budget. Can't remember? We know why. Nowadays, we've come to assume that delivering technical solutions and mounting costs for hosting, software licensing and other things are par for the course.

Building software used to mean creating systems that are force multipliers for human effort. But over time, the multiples became divisors, and the efficiency we expect from good software seemed to vanish. At turtlehaus, efficiency is our bread and butter. Scaling software shouldn't mean scaling costs, and we strive to write software that maximise resource utilisation, while still delivering the expected quality of performance.

Not convinced?

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Earth-orbiting HST, airglow over Earth's horizon, and crescent moon
NASA (2-13 Dec 1993) STS061-56-027