About Us

We've earned our stripes at the coalface of industry.
Our team has worked in hospitality, property technology, travel technology,
financial technology, academia and agricultural technology to name a few.
We work from first principles, so context is dynamic,
but our approach is grounded in the overlap between theory and serendipity.

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Earth-orbiting HST, airglow over Earth's horizon, and crescent moon
NASA (2-13 Dec 1993) STS061-56-027

Our Team

Our team is made up of engineers who think differently about the way software is crafted. Given our experience in a diverse range of industries, we've seen the good, the bad and the downright ugly of modern software creation. We'd like to be part of a new vanguard responsible for bringing the soul back to software. The spirit of ingenuity, the power of iteration and the strength of thinking before acting decisively. We love software, we respect our craft and we believe that the best way to convey that value is from a place where we can control the outcomes. Hence, we decided to create turtlehaus as a container for our ideals, a platform on which to launch our projects and a North Start for our ideals, not just about software, but about how businesses relate to people.

This means that the systems we build are tailored for your specific needs so that we can deliver an unparalleled experience when it comes to software design, implementation, deployment and maintenance. Like a master shipbuilder, or a luminary architect, we’re deeply connected to our work. Once we accept a project, it’s not just your project, it’s ours. We take pride in knowing that the solutions we deliver will have deep, lasting impact, generating value and reducing the traditional headache associated with the software management experience.

Our Approach

Good thinking leads to good software. Our primary objective is to deliver the kind of software the fosters trust, belief in the process of software creating value for people and businesses alike, and practicing the kind of craft that put rockets on the moon. We respect the heritage of stalwarts who've come before us, thought leaders and visionaries who could see past the black and white of written software to its impact in the real world. That's the level at which we operate, and our approach is set with the future in mind, sacrificing short term quick wins for long term, sustainable, thought-out and measurable value delivery.